With over 40 kitesurfing spots on the islands, your vacation will be an experience of a life time.

The lagunes

The lagunes are a perfect choice for beginners as well as the freestyle kitesurfers. One of the 4 huge lagunes with shallow waters and sandy seabed will be your first choice. However, sandy beaches that continue for miles will be the perfect scenario for your vacation.


Does not matter which direction the wind is coming from, there will be a wave spot on the island. Front small waves for beginners and 8 foot high waves with Side off winds for expereinced riders.


Magdalen Islands are a famous spot in Canada, in the middle of the Gulf of Saint Laurence where winds will blow all year long. June through September, kitesurfers arrive from all around the world.

If you want to print a full resolution of the kitesurf spot map, follow the link below

Who can take a Kitesurf lesson?

What age can I start kitesurfing?

We have taught lessons from ages 8 to 73 year old! Considerations that can influence whether a kitesurf lesson is right for you?


The size of the kite will be determined by the weight of the student. We could say that the minimum weight is 75 pounds.


Maturity is needed to take a kitesurf lesson. It's imperative that a younger student has the interest and is keane to learn kitesurfing.

Physical abilities

A minimum of physical abilities is needed.

Gift Certificate

What can we offer as a gift?

Kitesurf Lesson
SUP lesson
Photoshoot session
Safety and self-rescue lesson

Specialized Training

Security and self-rescue

You have been kiting for a few years, and you have doubts about what to do when something goes wrong?

You want to learn how you to do a self-rescue

This is the course for you!

Instructor Tune-Up

You are a new instructor and you need to upgrade your teaching skills?

This is the course for you!

Photo shooting with Photo-Pro

Photo-Pro .. why?

A photographer with 10 years of experience in sports shooting.

A photoshoot during your kitesurf lesson?

A photoshoot managed by Juan will give you the best pictures that you are guarenteed to love.

Look like a Pro, photographed by a Pro!

Video Library

In the last 7 years Kiteauxiles has made videos for you to enjoy the beauty of the islands.

For HD resolution click on the link below

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