kitesurf packages

Six Pack

6 hours of individual training.

For those who want to get started in kitesurfing.
For those who want a refresher course in a safe environment.

$560 (300+260) Private


9 hours of individual training.

For those who want to be supervised by a professional, learn the basics of kiteboarding safely and then move forward with their own equipment.

$790 (300+260+230)

Zero to Hero

12 hours of individual training.

Courses specifically designed for those who want an intensive week of kitesurfing and maximize their knowledge.

With this package, you will progress, gain self-confidence and learn to practice kitesurf safely.

$1010 (300+260+230+220)

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Why take a package with us?

If Mother Nature does not allow you to do all your training hours during your stay in the islands! Why pay for 6hrs or 9hrs, if you can pay just 3hrs.?

No commitment to more than 3 hours of training is required to take advantage of the package deal.

Pay only the first 3hrs of your training and after you experience our teaching and our expertise, you decide if you want to continue your training, paying only the difference of the package price...

Example, 6hrs package costs $550, pay $275 for the first course of 3 hours and $250 for the second .

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